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2016 Middle East Media Industries

The move from audience attention to audience involvement

At #cannescreativityfestival 2019. With Steve Laham, Karen Freberg, Tom Reichert, Michael Diamond and others from the #CannesEducators Summit.

Cannes Educators Summit; Karen Freberg; Steve Laham
Cannes creativity festival; David Shing: Ilhem Allagui

July 24, 2017

Qatar's crisis management comms: the game plan

Nov. 2016- Moderating Qatar Media Industries Forum about media delocalization. Panel with Fares Akkad (ex- MBC group), Raza Rizvi (Simmons & Simmons) and Rida al-Haider (Tihama Hodlings).

With David Shing or Shingy the digital prophet at Cannes creativity festival. 

Qatar Media Industries Forum, NUQ, Ilhem Allagui, Fares Akkad, Raza Rizvi, Rida al Haider
IMG_9080 2.HEIC

With IMMAA conference participants NUQ, 2019)

Great meeting organized by the Middle East Institute at  the National University in Singapore (2015). With colleagues including Sahar Khamis, Noha Melor, Mohamad Zayani, Clement Moore Henry, Anthony Teo and Nele Lenze.

Middle East Institute, National University of Sinpagore
International Managemet Media Academic Association

Closing lunch at the International Media Management Academic Association conference (IMMAA, 2017, Seoul). 

NUQ is hosting IMMAA conference 2019. Click here for more details.

International Association of Media and Communication research (IAMCR) Conference in Stockholm (w/ Robin Mansell).

Robin Mansell, Ilhem Allagui, IAMCR
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